Gordon behind our house by the huge snow drift

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zombie Party!

It was the zombie apocalypse in our house for Izzy's birthday.  We had a zombie cake, zombie games and zombie movies.  The cake was yellow cake mixed with green and pink food coloring and then baked in bowls to make the zombie heads.  We covered the cakes with frosting and then made modeling chocolate, which if you have never done it before is so much easier than I thought.  The headstone and the green zombie were made with white chocolate chips and the shrunken head and zombie hand were made out of milk chocolate chips

Modeling Chocolate
30 ounces white or dark chocolate chips
1 cup of corn syrup

Melt the chocolate in the microwave and stir until smooth, mix in the corn syrup and then beat until stiff, it will look like chocolate play dough, which is really fun just to use for play dough if you want your kids to get super wired from sugar.  We colored most of the white chocolate green with some brown streaks.  Allow the chocolate to cool completely but seriously do not refrigerate, it will get rock hard. Kneed dough for a few minutes before rolling out to cover the cake.  use the scraps to mold eyes, lips etc...

The Headstone was pretty easy, we just mixed in some black food coloring and kneaded it until it was streaky like marble and then carved the names in the headstone and used food coloring and a paint brush to add detail.

We covered the board with melted modeling chocolate... I put the scraps in the microwave for a few seconds too long and it melted and formed a greasy mess, which wasn't good for anything except oozing melted zombie parts...